About Billy Baldwin

Creator of numerous stories for Children & Young Adults, The self-confessed daydreamer Billy Baldwin lives in Sag Harbor, NY. Following his passions and gifts, Billy began his career by founding a cookie company called Cookie Island. More than just producing delicious cookies that sold throughout the US, Billy marketed his products through stories, characters and graphics that caught the attention of executives within the entertainment industry. When encouraged to develop his marketing vision into children’s books and products Billy founded Decozen Publishing and began a new career as a writer.

Diagnosed with Dyslexia at an early age Billy has had to overcome the challenges he faces with reading and writing to transform them into a creative advantage. His quick ability to envision characters, situations and unusual storylines that deal with triumph over adversity and that celebrate the underdog define his work.

In addition to his creative endeavors Billy is involved with numerous Not For Profit organizations and activities. Billy co-founded the Web International Center for Dyslexia along with Dr. Gertrude Web. Combining his passion for water sports with his love of the environment Billy founded the Great Peconic Race  that is a paddleboard race around Shelter Island, helping to fund the Cornell University environmental preservation program.

About Decozen

Decozen Books is a boutique publisher specializing in Children’s books.  Our Picture books and chapter books are geared towards inspiring Children’s imaginations, opening doors to creativity and establishing a joyful path for young minds towards a lifetime of curiosity and learning.


All Decozen Book publications express themes of triumph over adversity, and perseverance towards attaining specific goals.  Our books celebrate the gifts of creativity, resilience, risk taking, exceptional problem solving skills and more – gifts that so often go hand in hand with those whose learning skills differ from what is commonly supported within our standardized learning system.  These themes and more are expressed through imaginative, playful and beautifully illustrated books for children and teens.